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An account of works undertaken at Rycote for the 1568 progress of Elizabeth I

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An account of works undertaken at Rycote for the 1568 progress of Elizabeth I

Lewys Stockett, T. Fowler, Humfre Lovell and John Colbrand

An account of charges for carpenters occupied in the making of presses for the robes of Elizabeth I in preparation for her progress to Rycote in August 1568. This account is part of a pay book detailing the expenses of Elizabeth I's progresses, 1567-1570. The account is signed by Lewys Stockett; T. Fowler, comptroller; Humfre Lovell, mason; and John Colbrand, carpenter.

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Queen Elizabeth visited Henry Norris’s house at Rycote on several occasions during her reign. This document dates from 1568 and lists payments to three carpenters working for a total of 18 days on a press for the queen’s robes. Another payment is to John Fellowe for the ‘land carriage of the tent and other necessaries’ from Bicester to Rycote. The distance was said to be 10 miles and Fellowe was paid at the rate of 3d. per mile. He seems to have been shortchanged, however, because even taking the most direct route he must have travelled closer to 13 miles. The largest amount (£3 11s. 2d.) was paid to the locksmith, showing that even in the 16th century security surrounding a royal visit was a major expense.

Dr Mark Page 07/03/2013

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