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An inventory roll of jewels and plate surrendered to Henry VIII

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An inventory roll of jewels and plate surrendered to Henry VIII

Richard, 1st Baron Rich, Sir Ralph Sadler, Sir Richard Southwell, Sir Thomas Pope and Walter Mildmay
14 December 1551

During the reign of Edward VI, Sir John Williams's less than robust accounting methods were subjected to close scrutiny. On 18 April 1547 a commission was appointed to investigate his tenure as Master of the Jewels to Henry VIII. It took four years to produce a final account and inventory of all the plate and jewels under Williams's control. This is the first membrane of the inventory setting out the remit of the commissioners. The full roll measures fifty seven feet in length and is divided into two parts. The first part records all of the plate and jewels, together with details of the monastic houses from which they were seized, in the Jewel House, 26 April 1537 to 4 December 1545. The second part, covering the same dates, details payments for royal expenses, including those of Anne of Cleves at Calais on her journey to England in 1539. The commission charged Williams with missing payments amounting to just over £826. Amongst the unaccounted for material were two thousand ounces of plate and jewels which Williams claimed to have been lost in a fire at the Jewel House on Christmas Eve 1541 (Stow, Survay, pp. 234-5).

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