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A New Map of the County of Oxford

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A New Map of the County of Oxford

Richard Davis

Surveyed by local man, Richard Davis of Lewknor and published in 1797. This large map consists of sixteen sheets at an impressively detailed scale of 1:31,680 or two inches to one mile. No more than two hundred copies were ever made, evidence being based on all sets of the map having manuscript serial numbers – this image is part of number 34. Very few complete copies survive. In terms of what the map shows, a clear break has been made from the Saxton-led traditional county map, as here far more detail than previously is featured. Not only are county and hundred boundaries, rivers and streams, towns and villages, parks, and woodland depicted, but here we have roads, tracks, hedges, indeed every field can be seen, and relief is beautifully represented by the use of hachures. Davis was also Topographer to His Majesty, George III.

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