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Oxonij buckinghamiæ et berceriæ Comitatuum

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Oxonij buckinghamiæ et berceriæ Comitatuum

Christopher Saxton

The first “modern” map of Oxfordshire. Following Norfolk, this was the second county map produced by Christopher Saxton for his pioneering atlas of England and Wales, commissioned by the Crown. Saxton carried out an extensive topographical survey between 1573 and 1578, his atlas finally published in 1579.This map clearly depicts county boundaries, rivers, towns and villages, parks surrounded by palings (for example Rycote), woodland, and relief depicted by rounded hills. There are no roads shown. This was by some distance, the most detailed national map ever produced at the time, with the resulting cartographic style acting as the blueprint for county mapping for the next two centuries. Scale: c1:200,000.

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