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Oxonium Comitatus vulgo Oxford Shire

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Oxonium Comitatus vulgo Oxford Shire

Jan Blaeu

Another county map of Oxfordshire whose origins can be traced back via Speed to Saxton. Unlike its forebears, this map was published in Amsterdam by Johannes or Jan Blaeu, a member of the Dutch cartographic dynasty which flourished for forty years until a fire destroyed their premises in 1672. Jan had been appointed official cartographer to the Dutch East India Company in 1638, and had also worked on the Novus atlas with his father Willem Janszoon and brother Cornelis, from whence this superbly engraved map originates. Rycote again features, shown as a park surrounded by wooden palings. Other features include the arms of both King Alfred and the University of Oxford. Scale: c1:130,000.

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