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Plan of the Rycote Estate, Oxfordshire

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Plan of the Rycote Estate, Oxfordshire

Messers Knight, Frank and Rutley

This map of the estate was produced to accompany the sale at auction of the Rycote Estate on 31 May 1911 by London-based land agents Messrs Knight, Frank and Rutley in conjunction with Oxford’s Messrs Franklin and Jones. This particular document was reproduced from the second edition of the Ordnance Survey twenty-five inch map, with a number of key enhancements introduced to facilitate the sale. Most noticeably, the map has been reduced in scale to around seventeen inches to one mile. Colour has been added to differentiate the individual plots of land made available for sale as different lot numbers. The names of farms and buildings have also been added in a font slightly different from that employed by Ordnance Survey. Scale: 1:3,680.

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