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Thomas Delafield's history of Rycote

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Thomas Delafield's history of Rycote

Thomas Delafield

This unpublished history of Rycote was compiled by the Reverend Thomas Delafield around the 1740s. It forms part of a twenty-volume history of the Haseleys in Oxfordshire titled 'Notitia Haseleiana.' Of the three volumes that relate to Rycote, this is the most extensive. It was probably the last of the three to be written and appears to have been used as a working draft in which Delafield has inserted numerous additional notes. It is a chronological study of Rycote's owners from the 1086 Domesday survey of England through to Delafield's day when Montagu Venables-Bertie, 2nd Earl of Abingdon, was the owner. Arranged in chapters, owner by owner, it is a detailed work with relatively few innaccuracies and gaps in the historical narrative. One shortcoming, however, is the lack of in-depth physical description of the Tudor mansion and its surrounding parkland. Thomas Delafield, a schoolmaster and vicar, was born in Little Haseley in 1690 (MS. Gough Oxon. 48, fols. 279-81, 286-8). He died in 1755.

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